International Handbook of School Effectiveness Research: An International Survey of Research on School Effectiveness

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Part One: The Historical and Intellectual Foundations of School Effectiveness Research 1.An Introduction to School Effectiveness Research 2.Current Topics and Approaches in School Effectiveness Research: The Contemporary Field Part Two: The Knowledge Base of School Effectiveness Research 3.The Methodology and Scientific Properties of School Effectiveness Research 4.The Processes of School Effectiveness 5.Context Issues within School Effectiveness Research Part Three: The Cutting Edge Issues of School Effectiveness Research 6.Some Methodological Issues in School Effectiveness Research 7.School Effectiveness and School Improvement 8.School Effectiveness: The International Dimension 9.School Effectiveness and Education Indicators 10.Theory Development in School Effectiveness Part Four: The Future of School Effectiveness Research 11. School Effectiveness Research and the Social and Behavioural Sciences 12.The Future Agenda for School Effectiveness Research
This text looks at these questions and examines international research evidence and reform initiatives with particular emphasis on North America, UK, Australasia and the Third World. The authors analyse the relationship between School Effects Research and other reform movements, such as Teacher Effects Research and School Improvement Studies. They show that the challenge now facing educational leaders is to find a balance between SER and other school movements and to ask more demanding questions of our educational systems. This is a much needed handbook that will prove invaluable for its depth and scope.

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