Evaluating Teacher Quality in Higher Education

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Introduction - the evaluation of the teaching of individual academics in higher education: Progress towards a construct, Kenneth Gregory; Assurance of teaching quality - Top-down and/or bottom-up strategy, Eric A. Ash; Quality assessment in higher education in England - Present performance, future perspectives, Paul M. Clark; Teaching profiles - The quality context, Roger Brown; Criteria for teaching competence and Teaching Excellence In Higher Education, Lewis Elton; Promoting Excellent teachers at Oxford Brookes University - From profiles to peer review in tenyears, Graham Gibbs; Contributions to specific assets from particular institutions - The programme for staff with teaching responsibility, David Buckingham; Developing, recording and recognizing good teaching, George Gordon; Documenting and assessing teaching excellence, Dai Hounsell; The use of standard course evaluation and A standard CV, H. Mathias; Course innovation - Benefits and risks, Roy Haines-Young; Quality assurance at MacQuarie University, Alan Lindsay; Successfully creating a customer focused culture throughout your organization and effectively managing the change, Colin M. Livingstone and Wayne M. Phillips; The individual and the institution - Quality management in higher education, R.P.T. Aylett and D.M. Hilyer.
Addresses the need to recognize academics' contribution to higher education and examines ways in which academics' efforts in the teaching and learning process can be acknowledged and suitably rewarded.

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