Mathematics Education and Philosophy: An International Perspective

3, Studies in Mathematics Educati
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Reconceptualizing the Philosophy of Mathematics: Fresh Winds in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Reuben Hersh; What can the Sociologist of Knowledge Say About 2+2=4?, DavidBloor. Post-Modernist and Post- Structuralist Approaches: Reasoning in a Post-Modern Age, Valerie Walkerdine; Mathematical Writing, Thinking, and Virtual Reality, Brian Rotman. The Human Face of Mathematics: Mathematics and Art: Cold Calipers against Warm Flesh?, Philip J. Davis; Different Ways of Knowing: Contrasting Styles of Argument in Indian and Greek. The Social Context of Mathematics and Education: The Social Life of Mathematics, Sal Restive.
Currently there is a great deal of interest in philosophical issues in the teaching and learning of both mathematics and science education. In this book Ernest has collected together papers from the foremost researchers and practitioners in the philosophy of mathematics education and related areas, together with a selection of papers from the International Congress of Mathematics Education held in Quebec in 1992. Throughout, the outstanding feature of the collection is its multidisciplinary approach to the field of study. This book is the second in Paul Ernest's "Studies in Mathematics Education" series.

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