Mentoring in Physical Education

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Part 1 The context: partnerships in school-based training - the implications for physical education, Pat Shenton and Elizabeth Murdoch; what is mentoring? Michael Taylor and Joan Stephenson. Part 2 An insight into the trainee's perspective: changes in physical education students' anxieties and on school experience - a longitudinal study, Susan Capel; trainee's concerns, experiences and needs - implications for mentoring in physical education, Colin Hardy; an account of Laura's first term on a school- based PGCE course, Emma Tait; learning to teach physical education in the primary school, Mick Mawer; trainee's views of mentoring in physical education, Chai Kin Yau. Part 3 Issues concerning the role of the mentor: physical education mentors' needs, Ros Phillips, Ann-Marie Latham and Joanne Hudson; supporting the new generalist teacher in the teaching of physical education in the primary school, Mick Mawer; working together - roles and relationships in the mentoring process, Joanne Hudson and Ann- Marie Latham; pedagogical content knowledge and critical reflection in physical education, Tony Rossi. Part 4 An international perspective: mentoring in the Australian physical education teacher education context - lessons from cooking turkeys and tandoori chicken, Richard Tinning; mentoring within physical education teacher education in the USA - research trends and developments, Deborah Tannehill and Deborah Coffin.
This book examines factors surrounding the partnership between school-based training and mentoring in Physical Education.
Contributors look at all angles of the collaboration between schools and higher education institutions, including:
How mentor training programs are planned and the issues involved
*Trainees' experiences of school-based training and mentoring
*The needs of PE mentors in schools
*A full explanation of mentoring
Drawing on recent findings and the views of physical education teachers in the UK, Australia and the USA, the editor combines a wealth of information on factors which influence mentorship and the effectiveness of school-based partnership schemes.

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