Reshaping Education in the 1990s

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Part 1 Curriculum: age or stage? Research findings relating to assessment frameworks, Margaret Brown, Paul Black, Shirley Simon and Ezra Blondel; assessment of literacy and numeracy acquired before school, Penny Munn; primary science in the mid-nineties - grounds for optimism, Richard Gott and Sandra Duggan; working together in primary schools - changing relationships at Key Stage 2, Marilyn Osborn and Edie Black; profiles of productive schools - processes of organizational self-renewal, Uwe Hameyer; cross-cultural perspectives on eating - a hidden curriculum for food, Marlene Morrison. Part 2 Teacher training: the reform of primary teacher training - the views of parents, Andrew Hannan; the realization of partnership in a primary articled teacher course, Caroline Whiting. Part 3 Professionalism: teachers' professional perspectives - continuity and change, Marilyn Osborn, Dorothy Abbott, Patricia Broadfoot, Paul Croll and Andrew Pollard; creating atmosphere and tone in primary classrooms, Bob Jeffrey and Peter Woods; gender and school leadership - using case studies to challenge the frameworks, Lisa Smulyan.
Highlights and examines factors in primary education curriculum development, teacher training and professionalism and educational change.

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Autor: Rita Chawla-Duggan
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ISBN: 0750705272
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