Values in Education and Education in Values

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Introduction - values and values education in schools, J. Mark Halstead. Part 1 Values in education: liberal values and liberal education, J. Mark Halstead; the ambiguity of spiritual values, John M. Hull; moral values, Mary Warnock; environmental values and education, John C. Smyth; "democratic values" and the foundations of political education, Frances Dunlop; values in the arts, David Best; food, smoking and sex - values in health education, Michael J. Reiss; values and education policy, Richard Pring. Part 2 Education in values: vision, values and virtues, Jasper Ungoed-Thomas; school mission statements and parental perceptions, Andrew Marfleet; planning for values education in the school curriculum, Janet Edwards; an inner-city perspective on values education, Elaine Foster- Allen; assessing children's personal development - the ethical implications, Ruth Merttens.
An investigation into how schools can influence the developing values of young people is given in this book. The authors first look, from the perspective of educationalists and policy makers, at values within contemporary education; in particular, moral, spiritual, democratic and environmental values together with arts and health education. Secondly, they focus on the values of pupils and schools, examining school aims and mission statements, the formal curriculum, school ethos and assessment of children's development.; Insights are provided with guidance on how values may be most effectively incorporated into the activities of the schools. This book is intended to be of use as a practical and informative guide to all those involved in primary and secondary education and those interested in values education generally.

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Autor: Mark Halstead
ISBN-13 :: 9780750705097
ISBN: 0750705094
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.1996
Verlag: CRC PR INC
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Sprache: Englisch
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