Research on the Edge: Space

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Can you imagine living and working in space? It's the reality for some scientists, who inhabit laboratories in deep space, far above our planet.
Autor: Angela Royston
Angela Royston is an extremely well known writer of children's educational books. Her library of titles includes books about space, science, geography, history, social sciences and literacy, just to name a few! Angela regularly visits schools to find out what children are learning and exploring in the classroom, and discusses many of her book titles with children during these visits. Angela is married with children, and lives and works in London.

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Autor: Angela Royston
ISBN-13 :: 9780750280150
ISBN: 0750280158
Erscheinungsjahr: 13.02.2014
Verlag: Hachette Kids Hodder Wayland
Gewicht: 292g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 265x210x9 mm
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