A Gift for a Little Child's Baptism

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A selection of modern and traditional blessings with appealing illustrations make this a lovely gift from an adult to an infant. The book includes a dedication page to record the date of the baptism, the name of the child, and the godparents.
Autor: Sophie Piper
Illustriert von: Caroline Williams
Sophie Piper has an excellent reputation as a compiler of children's prayers books, which include Prayers for the Very Young, Goodnight Prayers, and Prayers for a Better World.

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Autor: Sophie Piper
ISBN-13 :: 9780745962511
ISBN: 0745962513
Erscheinungsjahr: 18.02.2011
Verlag: Lion Hudson Plc
Gewicht: 230g
Seiten: 64
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 178x145x17 mm, Colour illustrations
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