India Today: Economy, Politics and Society

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List of Figures and Tables Abbreviations Glossary Preface and Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Making Sense of India Today Economy Chapter 2: When and Why did India Take Off? Chapter 3: How Have the Poor Fared (and Others Too)? Chapter 4: Why Hasn't Economic Growth Delivered More for Indian Workers? Chapter 5: Is the Indian State Delivering on Promises of 'Inclusive Growth' and Social Justice? Politics Chapter 6: How did a 'Weak' State Promote Audacious Reforms? Chapter 7: Has India's Democracy Been a Success? Chapter 8: Is Government in India Becoming More Responsive? Chapter 9: Has the Rise of Hindu Nationalism Halted? Chapter 10: Why has Maoism Become Such a Force in Rural India? Society Chapter 11: Does India Have a Civil Society? Chapter 12: Does Caste Still Matter in India? Chapter 13: How Much Have Things Changed for Indian Women? Chapter 14: Can India Benefit From Its Demographic Dividend? Chapter 15: Afterword: India Today, and India in the World Bibliography Index
A major new book by three leading scholars in the field of South-East Asian studies. The authors examine the emergence of India as an economic power-house over the last twenty years with a rate of growth second only to that of China, and the strong prospect of becoming the second largest economy in the world before the middle of this century.
Autor: Stuart Corbridge, John Harriss, Craig Jeffrey
Stuart Corbridge is professor of development studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science. John Harriss is director of the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University. Craig Jeffrey is professor of human geography at the University of Oxford.

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Autor: Stuart Corbridge
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