Choose Peace: A Dialogue Between Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda

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Johan Galtung

Learning and doing: Norway; accepting challenges; philosophers from the masses; learning from giants; opening the door; ways of learning; realists of the head, idealists of the heart; works speak louder than words; optimists; webs of love; straight to the heart. History persists: citizens of the world; article nine; a Pacific civilisation; masterful communicators; the floodgate of free expression; socialism - pro and con; perestroika; whether the formerly socialist nations?; unification; the 20th Century. The feasibility of non-violence: Gandhi (1) - optimism; Gandhi (2) - non-violence versus structural violence; Gandhi (3) - an unclouded eye; Gandhi (4) - religious breadth; the death penalty; sublimating aggressive instincts. Religion as transformation: universal life-resonance; the interconnectedness of all things; the nature of the sacred; tolerance; buddhism, merits and demerits; a new, global mahayana. Putting the people in charge: grass-roots power; philosophical perspective; rights as universal norms; Japanese views of human rights; philosophical basis; the rights of the whole human race. A new world order: After socialism; fires of nationalism; fundamentalism; cultural relativism; United Nations, reorganisation; United Nations, development and environmental protection; United Nations, civic-participation system; United Nations, Japan's international contributions; the haves and the have-nots; an approach to global problems; armament of the apocalypse; proliferation and supervision of nuclear technology; arms reduction; global government.
Choose Peace explores practical solutions to many of the global problems afflicting the world today.

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