Psychology and Society: Radical Theory and Practice

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Ian Parker
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Radical Theory and Practice

INTRODUCTION Marxist Theses and Psychological Themes Russell Spears and Ian Parker PART ONE: HISTORICAL MATERIAL 1. The Challenge of Historical Materialist Epistemology by Edward S Reed 2. Evolution, Biology and Psychology from a Marxist Point of View by Robert M Young 3. Marxism, The Frankfurt School, and Working Class Psychology by Martin Roiser and Carla Willig 4. Psychology and Marxist Politics in America by Benjamin Harris PART TWO: CRITICAL TRADITIONS 5. Radical Behaviourism, Selectionism and Social Action by Jerome D Ulman 6. Convergences with Psycho-Analysis by R D Hinshelwood 7. Critical Psychology as Subject Science by Wolfgang Maiers and Charles W Tolman 8. V N Volosinov and Social Psychology by Liam Greenslade 9. Newman's Practice of Method Completes Vygotsky by Lois Holzman PART THREE: EVERYDAY LIFE 10. Pick a Utopia, Any Utopia: How to be Critical in Critical Social Psychology by Mike Michael 11. The Psychology of Everyday Life: Some Marxist Reflections by Grahame Hayes 12. Emotion and Politics by Paul Hoggett 13. Incarcerated Women: Transformative Strategies by Kum-Kum Bhavnani and Angela Y Davis 14. The Revolutionary Psychology of Lev Davidovich Bronstein by Ian Parker PART FOUR: PRACTICES OF EMPOWERMENT 15. Rethinking Empowerment: Shared Action Against Powerlessnes by Mark Burton and Carolyn Kagan 16. Therapy, Consciousness-Raising and the Future in Psychology by Jane Selby and Ben Bradley 17. Participant Action-Research: Myths and Fallacies by Bernardo Jimnez-Dominguez 18. The Reactionary Practice of Radical Psychology: Revoking the Faustian Contract by Stephen Reicher Notes on Contributors Index
Explores connections between psychology and Marxism, to make sense of what has become a double crisis.

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