The Soap Opera Paradigm: Television Programming and Corporate Priorities

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Chapter 1 Acknowledgements Chapter 2 Introduction Part 3 Part I The Soap Opera Paradigm and the Television Industry Chapter 4 1 The Evolution of the Television Industry Chapter 5 2 The Soap Opera as Commodity Form Chapter 6 3 The WWE: Machismo, Melodrama, and Money Part 7 Part II Soap Opera Storytelling in News Chapter 8 4 The Evolution of the ABC and CBS News Divisions Chapter 9 5 TV News: The Show's the Thing Chapter 10 6 Floods of Tears: Natural Disasters in the News Chapter 11 7 All My Primaries: Political Campaigns and Television News Part 12 Part III Soap Opera: The Godzilla Genre Chapter 13 8 Prime Time Storytelling Chapter 14 9 Reality TV: "This is Just Like a Soap" Chapter 15 10 A Little Soap with Your Sports? Chapter 16 Conclusion Chapter 17 References
The Soap Opera Paradigm is an engaging look at the pervasive use of daytime soap opera storytelling techniques in most television program genres, from prime time soap operas and reality shows to the nightly news, coverage of political campaigns, and sports programming. Drawing from a wealth of research, James Wittebols shows how programming techniques have changed over time and what roles media concentration and commercial influences have played in these changes.
Autor: James H. Wittebols
James H. Wittebols is professor of communication studies at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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Autor: James H. Wittebols
ISBN-13 :: 9780742520028
ISBN: 0742520021
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2004
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