Failure to Hold: The Politics of School Violence

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Chapter 2 Introduction: Fantasy, Compliance, and Rage in a Post-Authority World Part 3 Part I: Triggering Rage: Cases of Motivation As Determined by Public Reaction to School Shootings Chapter 4 1 West Paducah, Kentucky: The Basketball Diaries As Predatory Culture Chapter 5 2 Jonesboro, Arkansas: Guns and Their Seductive Qualities Chapter 6 3 Springfield, Oregon: The Law of the Father and Homicidal Rage Part 7 Part II: Theories of Violence in Politics and Society Chapter 8 4 Witnessing and Salvation at School Chapter 9 5 Why Can't We Be Deweyan Citizens? Chapter 10 6 The "Facilitating Environment" and Generational Change Chapter 11 7 Heroism and Mastery As Models of Reproductive Anxiety in Education Chapter 12 Conclusion: Post-Columbine-Reflections on Youth Violence As a National Movement
Underscores the impossible mission that the U.S. public attempts to impose on students in schools: to contain the anger and rage that they feel toward society.
Autor: Julie A. Webber
Julie A. Webber is assistant professor of politics and government at Illinois State University.

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Autor: Julie A. Webber
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ISBN: 0742519848
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