Goffman's Legacy

Legacies of Social Thought
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Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction: Erving Goffman and the Interaction Order Chapter 3 1 The Goffman Legacy: Deconstructing/Reconstructing Social Science Chapter 4 2 The Personal Is Dramaturgical (and Political): The Legacy of Erving Chapter 5 3 Interaction and Hierarchy in Everyday Life: Goffman and Beyond Chapter 6 4 "Much Ado About Goffman" Chapter 7 5 Of Kindred Spirit: Erving Goffman's Oeuvre and Its Relationship to Georg Simmel Chapter 8 6 Blumer, Goffman, and Psychoanalysis Chapter 9 7 Goffman as Microfunctionalist Chapter 10 8 Framing and Cognition Chapter 11 9 Orders of Interaction and Intelligibility: Intersections Between Goffman and Garfinkel by Way of Durkheim Chapter 12 10 Ethnomethodological Readings of Goffman
Erving Goffman (1922-82) was arguably one of the most influential American sociologists of the twentieth century. A keen observer of the interaction order of everyday life, Goffman's books, which have sold in the hundreds of thousands, continue to be widely read and his concepts have permanently entered the sociology lexicon. This volume consists of twelve original essays, all written by prominent Goffman scholars, that critically assess Goffman's many contributions to various areas of study, including functionalism, social psychology, ethnomethodology, and feminist theory.
Instrumenten Solist: Luiz Carlos Baptista, Ann Branaman
Editiert von: Javier A. Trevino
A. Javier Trevino is associate professor of sociology at Wheaton College in Massachusetts.

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