The Power of Good Deeds: Privileged Women and the Social Reproduction of the Upper Class

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1 Introduction 2 Elite Women and Philanthropy 3 Good Deeds and Fundraising: It Takes Money to Make (Big) Money 4 Learning the Ropes: The Childhood and College Years of Elite Women 5 Take a Bow: Debutantes and Good Deeds 6 Members Only: Organizational Structure and Patterns of Exclusion 7 Societal Implications of the Contradictions in Elite Women's Good Deeds
The Power of Good Deeds allows us to see behind the media image of upper-class women and to observe how these women use their social power not only to benefit other, less-fortunate people, but also to benefit themselves and their families. The perso
Autor: Diana Kendall
Diana Kendall is associate professor of sociology at Baylor University. She is the author of several widely used textbooks, including Sociology in Our Times and Social Problems in a Diverse Society.

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Autor: Diana Kendall
ISBN-13 :: 9780742519763
ISBN: 0742519767
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