Sociological Theory and the Environment: Classical Foundations, Contemporary Insights

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Part 1 Preface Part 2 I Introduction and Overview Chapter 3 1 Sociological Theory and the Environment: An Overview and Introduction Part 4 II The Classical Tradition and Environmental Sociology Chapter 5 2 Environmental Sociology and the Classical Sociological Tradition: Some Observations on Current Controversies Chapter 6 3 A Green Marxism? Labor-Processes, Alienation, and the Division of Labor Chapter 7 4 Ecological Materialism and the Sociology of Max Weber Chapter 8 5 Has the Durkheim Legacy Misled Sociology? Part 9 III Environmental Sociology and Twentieth Century Sociological Theory Chapter 10 6 Social Theory and the Environment: A Systems-Theoretical Perspective Chapter 11 7 Dynamic Constellations of the Individual, Society, and Nature: Critical Theory and Environmental Sociology Chapter 12 8 World-System Theory and the Environment: Toward a New Synthesis Part 13 IV Sociological Theory and Environmental Sociology in the Late 1990s: Modernity, Culture, and the Natural World Chapter 14 9 Modernity, Politics, and the Environment: A Theoretical Perspective Chapter 15 10 Inconspicuous Consumption: The Sociology of Consumption, Lifestyles, and the Environment Chapter 16 11 Social Theory and Ecological Politics: Reflexive Modernization or Green Socialism? Chapter 17 12 The Social Construction of Environmental Problems: A Theoretical Review and Some Not-Very Herculean Labors Chapter 18 13 When the Global Meet the Local: Critical Reflections on Reflexive Modernisation Chapter 19 14 Cultural Analysis and Environmental Theory: An Agenda Part 20 V Sociological Paradigms and Environmental Sociology Chapter 21 15 Paradigms, Theories, and Environmental Sociology Part 22 Index Part 23 About the Editors 24 About the Contributors
This comprehensive survey and assessment of sociological theories of the relations between societies and their 'natural' biophysical environment touches on and addresses virtually all of the major perspectives, focal points, and debates in environmental sociology today. At the same time, the book aims to go beyond an inventory of environmental sociological theory by stressing how new ground can be broken in the articulation of environmental sociology with major classical and contemporary sociological theories.
Editiert von: Riley E. Dunlap, Frederick H. Buttel, Peter Dickens
Riley E. Dunlap is Boeing Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sociology at Washington State University and past president of the International Sociological Association's Research Committee on Environment and Society. Frederick H. Buttel is professor of rural sociology and environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is currently president of the Environment and Society Research Committee of the International Sociological Association. Peter Dickens is senior research fellow, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK. He is also fellow and director of studies at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. August Gijswijt retired as an environmental sociologist from the University of Amsterdam in 1998. In 1990 he and Gyorgy Szell founded the Research Committee on Environment and Science.

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