Community on Land: Community, Ecology, and the Public Interest

New Social Formations
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Chapter 1 Series Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Introduction Part 4 Historical Overview Chapter 5 Corporate Colonialism Chapter 6 Colonizer Enlightenment Chapter 7 Industrial Transformations Chapter 8 A New Leviathan in the New World Chapter 9 The Individual and Natural Resource Management Part 10 Current Consequences Chapter 11 Aggregated in Theory Chapter 12 Monad Law Chapter 13 Land in Practice Chapter 14 Forestry Management Philosophies Chapter 15 A Tale of Two Countries Part 16 Re-mediation Optic Chapter 17 In Thought Chapter 18 Community on Land Chapter 19 Conclusion: The Road to a Place
This book looks to the history of the 'the commons' in American and European social thought to better understand contemporary environmental problems. The authors show how American law governing lands and resources relies on the individualist assumptions of Enlightenment thinkers, who regarded land as 'wasted' when not being 'improved' by European agriculture or colonization. Curry and McGuire trace the history of this philosophical and historical legacy and reveal its strong influence on American concepts on community and land. They not only reveal the law's insufficient comprehension of community rights, but they also advocate realistic policy alternatives whereby community governance can better solve the challenges of resource management and other American social problems.
Autor: Janel M. Curry, Steven F. McGuire
Janel M. Curry is the dean for research and scholarship at Calvin College in Michigan. Steven McGuire is associate professor and chair of the sociology department at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio.

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Autor: Janel M. Curry
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