The Contentious Senate: Partisanship, Ideology, and the Myth of Cool Judgment

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Chapter 1 List of Tables and Figures Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 Party Politics and Ideology in the Contemporary Senate Part 5 Deliberation, Committees and Public Policy Chapter 6 Senate Floor Deliberation: A Preliminary Inquiry Chapter 7 Principle or Party? Foreign and National Security Policy-Making in the Senate Part 8 Leadership and Message Politics Chapter 9 The Senate Leadership Dilemma: Passing Bills and Pursuing Partisan Advantage in a Non-Majoritarian Chamber Chapter 10 Senate Leaders, Minority Voices: From Dirksen to Daschle Chapter 11 Message Politics and Senate Procedure Part 12 Senate Reform in Historical Perspective Chapter 13 Twentieth Century Senate Reform: The View From the Inside Chapter 14 Twentieth Century Senate Reform: Three Views From the Outside Chapter 15 Reflections on Forty Years of the Senate Chapter 16 Bibliography Chapter 17 Index Chapter 18 About the Contributors
The Senate is becoming more like the House of Representatives in its increasing levels of partisanship and ideology. A transformation of the institution is underfoot, posing questions about the Senate's role as the chamber in which 'cool judgment' prevails. Leading scholars, including U.S. Senate historians, discuss and analyze changes in Senate life including rules and procedures, leadership and party organization, executive and Senate relations, debate and deliberation, and perhaps above all, media spotlight. With all these changes comes a re-examination of Senate efficacy, legitimacy, and appropriateness as an aristocratic chamber in an increasingly democratic system of government.
Instrumenten Solist: Richard A. Baker
Editiert von: Colton C. Campbell, Nicol C. Rae
Colton C. Campbell is assistant professor of political science at Florida International University, and is currently a visiting assistant professor of political science at American University. He is the coeditor of New Majority or Old Minority? The Impact of Republicans on Congress. He served as an APSA Congressional Fellow in 1998-99 in the office of U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D-Fla.). Nicol C. Rae is professor of political science at Florida International University. He is author of The Decline and Fall of the Liberal Republicans: From 1952 to the Present, Southern Democrats, and Conservative Reformers: The Republican Freshmen and the Lessons of the 104th Congress. He served as an APSA Congressional Fellow in 1995-96 in the office of U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.).

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Autor: Richard A. Baker
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