Portraits of 'primitives': Ordering Human Kinds in the Chinese Nation

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Part 1 Part I: Ethnicity in Context Chapter 2 Introduction: Against Authenticity: Self, Identity, and Nation-Building Chapter 3 Fieldwork in Kunming: Cognitive and Linguistic Anthropological Approaches Chapter 4 Desire for Difference: Cognitive Prototypes of Ethnic Identity Chapter 5 China's Minorities Through Han Eyes: A Preliminary Sketch Part 6 Part II: Prototypes of Otherness Chapter 7 The Fetishized Ethnic Other: The Dai Chapter 8 Resistant, Disliked Ethnic Others: Wa, Zang, and Hui Chapter 9 Colorful, Harmless Ethnic Others: Naxi and Yi Chapter 10 Almost Us: The Bai Next Door Chapter 11 Conclusion: Typification and Identity in a Complex Nation-State
Exploring popular notions of ethnic identity in China, Portraits of Primitives provides the first comprehensive analysis of Han perspectives on minorities. Employing portraits of those ethnic groups perceived as most visibly different, Susan Blum illustrates how the majority Han view other ethnic groups. She traces political, scholarly, and popular concerns with classifying the Han at the pinnacle of modernization and civilization and other ethnic groups as primitive. The book places questions of identity, alterity, and self in the context of a complex nation-state where ethnicity is a highly politicized topic shaped in part by the official language of national harmony and unity and twentieth-century nation-building. Providing a broad cultural and political context for her nuanced discussion of identity, Susan Blum 's book will be an invaluable guide for those working in China studies, anthropology, and ethnic studies
Autor: Susan D. Blum
Susan D. Blum is associate professsor of anthropology at the University of Notre Dame.

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Autor: Susan D. Blum
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