Energy and Conflict in Central Asia and the Caucasus

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Chapter 1 Introduction: Energy, Development, and Conflict in the Caspian Sea Region Chapter 2 The Caspian Region in the Twenty-first Century Chapter 3 Crude Calculation: OPEC Lessons for Caspian Leaders Chapter 4 Azerbaijan: The Politization of Oil Chapter 5 Kazakhstan: The Long-Term Costs of Short-Term Gains Chapter 6 Turkmenistan's Energy: A Source of Wealth or Instability Chapter 7 Regional Cooperation in Central Asia and the South Caucases Chapter 8 U.S.-Iranian Relations: Competition or Cooperation in the Caspian Sea Basin Chapter 9 Paradigms for Russian Policy in the Caspian Region Chapter 10 The Afghan Civil War: Implications for Central Asian Stability Chapter 11 China's Interest in Central Asia: Energy and Ethnic Security Chapter 12 Turkey's Caspian Interests: Economic and Security Interests
Examining the interplay between Caspian security and energy development, this comprehensive book offers important new findings about the relationship between competition for energy resources; political and economic development in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan; and the propensity for conflict in the Caspian region. The contributors, a leading group of scholars and policymakers, also explore the ways in which Russia, China, Iran, and Turkey are fighting to protect their energy interests in the newly independent states and how this rivalry influences regional security and U.S. policy.
Autor: Robert Ebel, Rajan Menon
Instrumenten Solist: Dru Gladney
Rajan Menon is Monroe J. Rathbone Professor of International Relations, Lehigh University and adjunct professor, Harriman Institute, Columbia University. Robert Ebel is director, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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Autor: Robert Ebel
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