Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs in the Global Village

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Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 The Paradox of Media Effects Chapter 3 Social Implications of Media Globalization Chapter 4 A Global Perspective on Internet Sex: Nations' Societal Values as Predictors of Sexual Web Pages Chapter 5 North America's Cult of Sex and Violence Chapter 6 Drugs in Television, Movies, and Music Videos Chapter 7 The Mass Media and Adolescents' Health in the United States Chapter 8 Covering His Not-so-Private Parts: The Multinational, Multicultural Struggle to Regulate the Broadcasts of "Shock Jock" Howard Stern Chapter 9 Cultural Bane or Sociological Boon? The Impact of Satellite Television on Urban Youth in India Chapter 10 Pornography, Perceptions of Sex, and Sexual Callousness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Chapter 11 A Lethal Combination: Sex and Violence in Korean Television Chapter 12 Women, Media, and Violence in the New South Africa: Disciplining the Mind (the Body Is Irrelevant) Chapter 13 Media, Violence, Drugs, and Sex in Turkey Chapter 14 Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs: Egypt's Experience Chapter 15 Sex, Violence, and Terrorism in Hollywood's International Political Imagery Chapter 16 Between Globalization and Localization: Television, Tradition, and Modernity Chapter 17 Epilogue
Prominent media scholars such as Herbert Schiller have long noted the implications of Western--especially American--cultural influence on peoples of the developing Third World. Media, Sex, Violence, and Drugs in the Global Village provides a multicultural analysis of the impact of globalized Western media, including movies, syndicated radio programs, the Internet, and satellite and cable television programs. Looking specifically at themes of sex, violence, and drugs, an international cast of media scholars offers case studies of countries grappling with the influences of both Western cultural imports and similar local productions.
Instrumenten Solist: Hussein Y. Amin
Editiert von: Yahya R. Kamalipour, Kuldip R. Rampal
Yahya R. Kamalipour is professor of mass and international communication at Purdue University Calumet. Kuldip R. Rampal is professor of mass communication at Central Missouri State University.

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