Places and Politics in an Age of Globalization

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Chapter 1 Beware of the M-Word Part 2 Part I: Introduction: Theoretical Issues Chapter 3 Transnational Sociocultural Formations Chapter 4 Place-Based Imagination: Globalism and the Politics of Place Chapter 5 Indigeneous Struggles and the Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Part 6 Part II: Transnationalism and Ethnic Identities: Labor, Capital, and the Problem of Community Chapter 7 Asians on the Rim: Transnational Capital and Local Community in the Making of Asian America Chapter 8 Chinese Illegals are American Labor Chapter 9 Organizing Labor among Difference: The Impact of Race/Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Gender on Working Class Solidarity Chapter 10 Natives and Nations: Identity Formation in Postcolonial Melanesia Chapter 11 The Indigenization of Ethnicity: Capital and Community in Maori Tribalism Part 12 Part III: Contra Developmentalism: The Political Ecology of Indigenism Chapter 13 Place, Economy, and Culture in the Imagination of a Post-Development Era Chapter 14 Globalization and Environmental Resistance Politics Chapter 15 Political Organizing in the Land of the Great Spirit. Tunkashila: A Conversation with Joann Tall Chapter 16 Beyond Unity: Transcommunal Roots of Coordination in the Iroquois Model of Cooperation and Diversity Part 17 Part IV: Conclusion Chapter 18 Rethinking Difference and Gender: Women and the Politics of Place
This unique work opens a field of inquiry around place-based critiques of global capital as it focuses on the interactions between local issues and international financial flows. Framing their discussions around the concept of place-based imagination, the contributors examine such cases as indigenous movements against land degradation, ethnic pluralism and union organizing, ethnic diversity and the challenges of state and capital to cultural identity, and women's networks through non-governmental organizations. This ambitious study will be an invaluable resource and launching point for scholars and students in ethnic and identity studies and will interest all readers exploring the production of place and identification.
Autor: Roxann Prazniak, Arif Dirlik
Instrumenten Solist: John Brown Childs
Roxann Prazniak is assistant professor of history at the Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. Arif Dirlik is professor of history at the University of Oregon.

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Autor: Roxann Prazniak
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