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By God's Design

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Nindyl Travers
Nindyl Travers
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By God 's Design is really a small peak into the amazing world of Nindyl Travers, as with all of us there has been many highs and lows, and in and outs, on this roller coaster ride we call life. Our stories are a myriad of turbulent trials and amazing victories, so no matter what your story you will find places of familiarity and also common ground that will help every single individual.

This book is dedicated to all those who have gone through any kind of suffering, loneliness, desperation and the such, only to realize that it has made you stronger, better, more enlightened, and more determined to serve God more than ever before. Nindyl was born in Nicaragua and is also of German decent, as a child in her beloved homeland she was daddy's little princess, and was given everything her little heart desired. Her father Douglas Travers and her beautiful mother Olga Zeledon Travers loved and adore their little princess, but things in her life were about to change drastically when at the age of seventeen she comes to America, and a very tedious and sometimes dangerous adventure begins. Sometime when we think we are on a journey looking for love, we run right into Jesus the one and only love above all loves.

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