Of War and Law

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Acknowledgments ix Introduction: War Today 1 Chapter 1: War as a Legal Institution 13 The Political Context for War 13 Professional War 27 Law as the Landscape for War 33 Law and the Legitimacy of Military Operations 39 Chapter 2: The Historical Context: How Did We Get Here? 46 International Law before the Rise of Modern War and Statecraft 47 Law Meets Modern Warfare 56 Changes in Legal Thought: An Opening for Humanitarianism 64 International Institutions and the Rise of a Modern Law of Force 68 Legal Realism and the Transformation of the Law in War 83 Chapter 3: War by Law 99 Battle in the Shadow of Sharp Distinctions and Outsider Ethics: Traces of the Premodern Legal Order 100 Modern Law and Modern War: Problems of Strategy 111 Legal War and the Elusive Experience of Responsibility 141 Epilogue 165 Notes 173 Index 179
"That the line between war and peace has been blurred becomes more evident with each incident from Afghanistan to Iraq. But the complexity and depth of legal implications that affect policymakers and military commanders have not been understood. Kennedy's book brilliantly and deftly probes both the uncertainty and the importance of legal rules in the changed civil and military environments."--Antonia Chayes, Visiting Professor of International Politics and Law, Tufts University
Autor: David Kennedy
David Kennedy is Manley O. Hudson Professor of Law and Director of the European Law Research Center at Harvard Law School. He is the author of "The Dark Sides of Virtue" and coauthor of "The Canon of American Legal Thought" (both Princeton).

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Autor: David Kennedy
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