Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?: Teaching Great Poetry to Children

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Kenneth Koch
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Introduction: Teaching Great Poetry to Children Introduction #2 (1990) *TEN LESSONS* Chapter One. WILLIAM BLAKE The Tyger Chapter Two. ROBERT HERRICK The Argument of His Book Chapter Three. JOHN DONNE A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning Chapter Four. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Songs Chapter Five. WALT WHITMAN from Song of Myself sections 1 and 2 Chapter Six. WALLACE STEVENS Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird Chapter Seven. WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS This Is Just to Say; The Locust Tree in Flower; Between Walls Chapter Eight. FEDERICO GARCÍA LORCA Romance Sonambulo; Arbole, Arbole Chapter Nine. JOHN ASHBERY Into the Dusk-Charged Air Chapter Ten. ARTHUR RIMBAUD Voyelles *ANTHOLOGY* Introduction to the Anthology AUTHOR UNKNOWN Cuckoo Song The Irish Dancer DANTE ALIGHIERI Sonetto / Sonnet AUTHOR UNKNOWN The Demon Lover Lord Randal SIR PHILIP SIDNEY Sonnet CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE The Passionate Shepherd to His Love WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Over Hill, over Dale Under the Greenwood Tree Aubade Orpheus with His Lute Sonnet ROBERT HERRICK Delight in Disorder How Violets Came Blew How Roses Came Red How Marigolds Came Yellow GEORGE HERBERT Heaven THOMAS CAREW A Song WILLIAM BLAKE The Lamb The Sick Rose SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE Kubla Khan GEORGE GORDON, LORD BYRON from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY Ode to the West Wind JOHN KEATS Ode on a Grecian Urn ROBERT BROWNING Home Thoughts, from Abroad WALT WHITMAN from Song of Myself section 15 from Song of Myself section 26 EMILY DICKINSON I Never Saw a Moor GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS God's Grandeur ARTHUR RIMBAUD Fleurs / Flowers WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS Who Goes with Fergus? GUILLAUME APOLLI NAIRE Coeur Couronne et Miroir / Heart Crown and Mirror D. H. LAWRENCE The White Horse Trees in the Garden Humming-Bird RAINER MARIA RILKE Der Knabe / The Boy Aus einer Kindheit / From a Childhood WALLACE STEVENS Anecdote of the Prince of Peacocks Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock Bantams in Pine-Woods MARIANNE MOORE The Wood-Weasel LÉOPOLD SÉDAR SENGHOR Je veux dire ton nom / I Want to Say Your Name ELIZABETH BISHOP Cirque d'Hiver GABRIEL OKARA Piano and Drums FRANK O'HARA Les Étiquettes Jaunes A True Account of Talking to the Sun at Fire Island JOHN ASHBERY The Painter Four Chinese Poems CH'U YUAN In Praise of the Orange Tree AUTHOR UNKNOWN Oath of Friendship PO CHU-I Eating Bamboo Shoots HAN-SHAN Cold Mountain Poems Five Japanese Poems SHIKI What a wonderful day! ISSA Wild goose RYOTA No one spoke BASHO The old pond With what voice Two African Tribal Poems The Magnificent Bull Song for the Sun That Disappeared behind the Rainclouds Three American Indian Poems Dawn Song Love-Charm Song The War God's Horse Song SOME POEMS FROM SWAZILAND Afterword (Mainly for Teachers) Bibliographical Note Author and Title Index of Adult Poems Subject Index of Adult Poems
A classic that revolutionized the way children are taught to read and write poetry. The celebrated poet Kenneth Koch conveys the imaginative splendor of great poetry-by Blake, Donne, Stevens, Lorca, and others-and then shows how it maybe taught so as to help children write poetry of their own. For this edition, the author has written a new introduction and a special afterword for teachers.

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