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On the Farm

Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women
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Stevie Cameron
Knopf Canada
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Maps Author's note Part One: The FamilyPrologue: Jane Doe 1. The Family Farm 2. Dominion Avenue 3. A Mother's Will 4. The Pickton Brothers 5. Geography Speaks 6. Cops under Fire 7. A Motley Crew 8. Prime Suspect 9. The Trials of Kim Rossmo and the Growing List of Missing Women 10. Lisa Yelds 11. Piggy's Palace 12. Maggy Gisle, Cara Ellis and Sandra Gail Ringwald 13. Gina and Willie and More Missing Women 14. Sherry Irving and Marnie Frey 15. The Worst Year 16. Sarah de Vries and Sheila Egan 17. A Doomed Investigation 18. Project Amelia: A Bad Start 19. Roommates Part Two: The Missing Women20. What They Saw 21. What Did the Police Do? 22. Closing In on Willie 23. Another Close Call 24. Deadly Girlfriends 25. Rossmo Out 26. Panic on Skid Row 27. The File Review 28. Do Something 29. A Newsroom Leads the Way 30. Police on Trial 31. The Last Woman 32. The Rookie Cop 33. Twenty-Four Hours 34. The Largest Crime Scene in Canadian History 35. Scott Chubb Part Three: On the Farm36. Getting Ready for Willie 37. Mike Petrie Wants the Job 38. The Cell Plant 39. The Fordy Interview 40. Don Adam Takes Over 41. Back in the Cell 42. Taking Willie to the Judge 43. In the Workshop 44. The Forensic Team 45. Talking to the Families 46. What the Dead Reveal 47. Willie Goes to Court 48. Telling Tales: Andy Bellwood, Sandra Gail Ringwald and Gina Houston 49. The Last Witnesses 50. The Aristocracy of Victimhood 51. From Twenty-Six to Six 52. The Jury 53. Guilty! But of What? Aftermath Acknowledgments Photo Credits Index
Now that the publication bans are lifted, you need Stevie Cameron to get the whole story, which includes accounts of Pickton's notoriety that police never uncovered. You need On the Farm.Covering the case of one of North America's most prolific serial killer gave Stevie Cameron access not only to the story as it unfolded over many years in two British Columbia courthouses, but also to information unknown to the police - and not in the transcripts of their interviews with Pickton - such as from Pickton's long-time best friend, Lisa Yelds, and from several women who survived terrifying encounters with him. You will now learn what was behind law enforcement's refusal to believe that a serial killer was at work.Stevie Cameron first began following the story of missing women in 1998, when the odd newspaper piece appeared chronicling the disappearances of drug-addicted sex trade workers from Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside. It was February 2002 before Robert William Pickton was arrested, and 2008 before he was found guilty, on six counts of second-degree murder. These counts were appealed and in 2010, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its conclusion. The guilty verdict was upheld, and finally this unprecedented tale of true crime can be told.

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