Tweeting the Universe

Tiny Explanations of Very Big Ideas
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In Tweeting the Universe: Tiny Explanations of Very Big Ideas, by Marcus Chown and Govert Schilling, two great science writers set themselves the challenge to describe the biggest theories in science - each in just 140 characters.
2 great science writers set themselves the challenge of describing the biggest theories in science in just 140 characters. 'It's ridiculous but ingenious, and wholly successful...' "Spectator"
Autor: Govert Schilling, Marcus Chown
Marcus Chown is the author of the bestselling Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, The Never Ending Days of Being Dead and The Magic Furnace. He is the cosmology consultant for New Scientist. He also wrote The Solar System, the bestselling app for iPad, which won the Future Book Award 2011. Govert Schilling has published widely on astronomical topics. Three of his books have been translated into English: The Hunt for Planet X, Evolving Cosmos and Flash!. The International Astronomical Union named Asteroid 10986 Govert after him in recognition of his work on popularizing science.

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Autor: Govert Schilling
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