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Process Theology: A Guide for the Perplexed

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Ebook (PDF)
Bruce G. Epperly
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This is an introductory guide to Process Theology for undergraduates. As part of Contiuum's 'Guide for the Perplexed' series, this text provides an accessible introduction to process theology, aimed at nurturing the theological imagination of undergraduates, pastors and interested laypersons. It describes the major themes of process theology and relates them to the everyday lives and spiritual commitments of people today. In addition to addressing traditional theological issues, Epperly addresses cutting edge issues in theology and ethics such as pluralism and postmodernism, matters of life and death, science (technology and genetics), and emerging forms of Christianity. This text is designed for seminary and university classes as well as congregational study. It will help readers to overcome the obstacles created by the technical language often employed by process theologians. Continuum's Guides for the Perplexed are clear, concise and accessible introductions to thinkers, writers and subjects that students and readers can find especially challenging - or indeed downright bewildering. Concentrating specifically on what it is that makes the subject difficult to grasp, these books explain and explore key themes and ideas, guiding the reader towards a thorough understanding of demanding material.
AcknowledgmentsChapter 1 - What is Process Theology and Why is It so Perplexing?Chapter 2 - A Truly Personal GodChapter 3 - Transforming ChristologyChapter 4 - The Spirit and the Dancing TrinityChapter 5 - The Human AdventureChapter 6 - Faith and Science in Creative TransformationChapter 7 - Ethics for a Small PlanetChapter 8 - The Church in Creative TransformationChapter 9 - Survival After Death in a Pluralist AgeChapter 10 - New Horizons for Process Theology/Bibliography

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