The Self-Understanding of the Dead Sea Scrolls Community: An Eternal Planting, a House of Holiness

59, Library of Second Temple Studi
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1. Introduction; 2. Plant Imagery in the Hodayot; 3. Plant Imagery in the Rule of the Community; 4. Plant Imagery in the Damascus Document; 5. Plant Imagery in 4Q/1QInstruction; 6. Temple Imagery in 4QFlorilegium; 7. Temple Imagery in the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice - Shirot 'Olat Ha-Shabbat; 8. Temple Imagery in Temple Scroll; 9. Temple Imagery in the Rule of the Community; 10. Temple Imagery in the Pesharim; 11. Conclusion.
A study of two metaphors, 'an eternal planting' and 'a house of holiness', which were used extensively by the DSS Community in expression of their self-understanding. These two metaphors appear to be quite distinct at first sight, but on closer examination they are seen to convey many complementary theological ideas.
Autor: Paul Swarup
The Rev. Dr. Paul Swarup is an ordained Presbyter with the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India and currently ministers at Christ Church, Noida. He teaches at the Vidyajyothi College of Theology, Delhi.

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Autor: Paul Swarup
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