What Is It That the Scripture Says?: Essays in Biblical Interpretation, Translation, and Reception in Honour of Henry Wansbrough Osb

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Preface; Introduction; Part I - Textual Interpretation; 1. Leuven Should Philistea go on Wailing? The Enduring Tenor of a Prophetic Oracle Concerning an Age-Old Hostile Nation (Isa 14,28-32) - W. Beuken S.J., Katholieke Universiteit; 2. Was Psalm 91 Composed as a Talisman or an Incantation?-K. Cathcart, University College, Dublin; 3. The Lucan Composition of the Ten Lepers - M. Goodacre, University of Birmingham, UK; 4. Poles or Mercy Seat? The Ark in Solomon's Temple, 1 Kings 8:6-8, in the Hebrew and Greek Bible - A. Schenker O.P., UniversitT de Fribourg; 5. Ancestral Advocacy and Dynastic Dynamics in the Book of Kings - F. Stavrakopoulou, Pembroke College, Oxford; 6. Rome The Problematic Reception of Pistij in Rom 12:3, 6- A. Vanhoye S.J., Pontificio Istituto Biblico. Part II - Translation as Interpretation; 7. The translator as Interpreter - N. King S.J., Campion Hall, Oxford; 8. Making sense of Romans - J. Muddiman, Mansfield College, Oxford; 9. CruditTs Anglaises: on the translation of indelicacy in the Book of Wisdom - M. Tait, Pontificio Istituto Biblico, Rome; 10. The Cultural Background and Challenges of La Bible de Jerusalem - O.-T. Venard O.P., Cole Biblique et Arch Tologique, Jerusalem; Part III - Interpretation within Ecclesial Communities; 11. Oxford Two Types of Harmonization - J. Barton, Oriel College; 12. The Reception of Scripture in the Agreed Statements of ARCIC - D. Bolen, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Rome; 13. Living Tradition - J.D.G. Dunn, University of Durham, UK.; 14. Power and Powerlessness in the Psalms - S. Gillingham, Worcester College, Oxford; 15. Prayer and the Bible in Twelfth-Century England - H. Mayr-Harting, Christ Church, Oxford; 16. Scripture and Tradition in Newman's Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine - W. Peterburs O.S.B., Ampleforth Abbey, York; 17. Bede, the Bible, and the North - B. Ward S.L.G., Harris Manchester College, Oxford; 18. On the Unity of Scripture and Tradition: an Orthodox Approach- K. Ware, Bishop of Diokleia; 19. Karl Barth and his The Epistle to the Romans - J. Webster, University of Aberdeen; 20. Coda: Henry Wansbrough in Israel - N. King S.J, Campion Hall, Oxford; 21. As Yet Unknown Brief Vita of Dom - Henry Wansbroug.
A volume of essays that celebrate and pay tribute to the enormous contribution to scriptural studies that Henry Wansbrough has made over the last 50 years>
Editiert von: Philip McCosker
Philip McCosker is a postgraduate student of theology at Cambridge University, UK. He has degrees from Oxford and Harvard Universities. A former student of Henry Wansbrough's, he is co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to the Summa Theologiae (forthcoming).

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