Community-Forming Power

Journal of Pentecostal Theolog
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In past years the controversy over Luke's concept of the Spirit has centred on the ethical dimension of his pneumatology. Community-Forming Power sets out to address the issue by assessing the Lukan writings in the light of evidence from Second Temple Judaism and in applying speech-act theory to prophetic utterances. Wenk argues that the Spirit's role in prophecy cannot be limited to the content of the prophetic speech, stripping it artificially from the intention behind it. He further argues that the anointed church continues the liberating work of the anointed messiah in embracing the marginalized, and thus is instrumental in 'realizing good news for the poor'.

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Autor: Matthias Wenk
ISBN-13 :: 9780567043504
ISBN: 0567043509
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2004
Verlag: T & T CLARK UK
Gewicht: 458g
Seiten: 370
Sprache: Englisch
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