Do This in Remembrance of Me: The Disputed Words in the Lukan Institution Narrative (Luke 22.19b-20): An Historico-Exegetical, Theological and Socio

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Introduction; PART ONE; Chapter One: The Textual Problem; Chapter Two: A Western Non-Interpolation?; Chapter Three: The Codex Bezae (D, 05). PART TWO; Chapter Four: The Non-Lukan Origins of the Disputed Words; Chapter Five: The Non-Lukan Theology of the Disputed Words; Chapter Six: Passover, History, and Liturgy in the Disputed Words; Chapter Seven: Erroneous Scribal Emendation; Chapter Eight: The Disciplina Arcani; PART THREE; Chapter Nine: The Text as Window; Chapter Ten: "Thyestean Banquets and Oedipodean Intercourse"; Chapter Eleven: Why Codex Bezae was Altered: A Sociological Explanation; Conclusion; APPENDIX.
Examines the difficulty represented by the textual tradition in "Codex Bezae" at the point of the Last Supper narrative in "St Luke's Gospel". With a survey of explanations of the difficulty, this title examines the disputed words of Luke 22:19b-20 in regards to their style, grammar and theology, to ascertain their source and non-Lukan features.
Autor: Bradly Billings
The Reverend Doctor Bradly Billings is an ordained Anglican priest in Melbourne, Australia, where he has lived and worked all of his life.

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Autor: Bradly Billings
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