A Graeco-Roman Rhetorical Reading of the Farewell Discourse

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Introduction; Chapter 1 The Farewell Discourse: A Review of the Literature; Chapter 2 The Rhetorical Dimension of the Text; Chapter 3 The Rhetorical Unit: Context and Genre; Chapter 4 a) The Rhetorical Unit: Situation, Problem and. Arrangement; b) Definition and Elements of Rhetorical Situation; Chapter 5 A Rhetorical Reading: Exordium, Narratio, Partitio; Chapter 6 A Rhetorical Reading: Confirmatio; Chapter 7 A Rhetorical Reading: Epilogos; Chapter 8 Summary and Conclusions; Bibliography.
"The Farewell Discourse" (John 13-17) is a climactic portion of "John's Gospel", which serves as a hinge on which the entire Gospel narrative pivots from Jesus' public ministry to his Passion. This is an analysis, employing the elements of Greco-Roman rhetoric.
Autor: John C. Stube
The Rev. Dr. John C. Stube is a Lutheran Parish pastor. He has served congregations in Colorado, Utah, and currently in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Autor: John C. Stube
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