The Re-Enchantment of the West, Vol 2: Alternative Spiritualities, Sacralization, Popular Culture and Occulture

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Introduction; 1. Wellbeing: Subjectivization, the Holistic Milieu, and Healthcare; 2. Eco-enchantment; 3. Cleansing the Doors of Perception: The Contemporary Sacralization of Psychedelics; 4. Cyberspirituality; 5. The Sacralization of the Extraterrestrial; 6. Dark Occulture: Contemporary Western Demonology; 7. The End: Eschatological Re-enchantment; Bibliography; Index.
The Re-Enchantment of the West challenges those theories that predict widespread secularization beyond traditional institutional religiosity. Spiritualities are emerging that are not only quite different from the those forms of religion that are in decline, but are often defined over against them and articulated and passed on in ways quite different from those of traditional religion. In particular, it is argued that such contemporary Western spirituality is fed by a constantly replenished reservoir of ideas, practices, and methodologies, which is here termed 'occulture'. Moreover, such occultural ideas both feed into and are resourced by popular culture. Indeed, popular occulture is a key feature of the re-enchantment of the West.
Autor: Christopher Partridge
Christopher Partridge is the Professor of Contemporary Religion at University College Chester.

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Autor: Christopher Partridge
ISBN-13 :: 9780567041333
ISBN: 0567041336
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2006
Verlag: T & T CLARK UK
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