New Directions in Qumran Studies

52, Library of Second Temple Studi
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The Qumran Sect in the Context of Second Temple Sectarianism; Joseph P. Blenkinsopp, University of Notre Dame, USA; The Qumran Scrolls and the Demise of the Distinction Between Higher and Lower Criticism; George J. Brooke, University of Manchester, UK; 'Rewritten Bible' and 'Parabiblical Texts': A Terminological and Ideological Critique; Jonathan G. Campbell, University of Bristol, UK; Sects from Texts: On the Problems of Doing a Sociology of the Qumran Literature; Philip R. Davies, University of Sheffield, UK; 'Men of Perfect Holiness' (1QS 7:20): Social Scientific Thoughts on Group Identity, Asceticism and Ethical Development in the Rule of the Community; Louise J. Lawrence, University of Glasgow, UK; Another Look at the Lands of Damascus: The Spaces of the Damascus Document in the Light of Edward W. Soja's Thirdspace Approach; Liv Ingeborg Lied, University of Bergen, Norway; 'An Unauthorised Version': The Temple Scroll in Narratological Perspective; William J. Lyons, University of Bristol, UK; The Language of Gates and Entering: On Sacred Space in the Temple Scroll; Jorunn Okland, University of Oslo, Norway and University of Sheffield, UK. 'False Teaching, Lying Tongues and Deceitful Lips (4Q 169 frgs 3-4 2.8): The Pesharim and the Sociology of Deviance; Lloyd K. Pietersen, University of Bristol, UK; Probing the Possibilities and Pitfalls of Post-Colonial Approaches to the Dead Sea Scrolls; Andy M. Reimer, Canadian Bible College, Canada and University of Sheffield, UK
Fifty years after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls there have been many advances in the field of Qumran Studies. Yet much work remains undone. In particular the study of the scrolls has continued to follow long established historical critical methods while largely falling to incorporate recent advances in literary, ideological and sociological approaches. The essays collected here are the result of the Bristol Colloquium on the Dead Sea Scrolls held in September 2003. Here, ten scholars working in a diversity of areas demonstrate how these recent advances in scholarship increase our knowledge of the scrolls, their historical context, and their impact on modern critical scholarship. The contributors consider a wide range of approaches, ranging across discussions in sociology, anthropology, literary studies, post-colonialism and ideological criticism. These essays will help to take Qumran Studies forward in new and creative ways. This is volume 52 in the Library of Second Temple Studies series (formerly the Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha Supplement series).
Autor: William John Lyons
William John Lyons is Lecturer in New Testament in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Bristol, UK. Jonathan G. Campbell is Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Early Judaism at the University of Bristol. Lloyd Keith Pietersen received his Ph.D. from the Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield.

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Autor: William John Lyons
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