Christianity and the Disciplines: The Transformation of the University

Religion and the University
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A University and the Disciplines: Possibilities and Challenges for Newman's Educational Ideal in the Contemporary Context Mervyn Davies, Sarum College Salisbury; A. Natural and Life Sciences; 1. Physics: John Polkinghorne, Cambridge University; 2. Mathematics: Michal Heller, Jagiellon University Cracow, Poland; 3. Biology: Alister McGrath, Oxford; 4.Environmental Sciences: Michael Northcott, Edinburgh University; 5. Medicine: A Sloane (Morling College); B. Social and Human Sciences; 6. Sociology: James Sweeney, Heythrop College London; 7. Academic Psychology: Peter Hempson, University of the West of England, Bristol; 8. Psychotherapy and Counselling: Steven Sandage, Bethel College; 9. Law: Julian Rivers, Bristol University; 10. Politics: Nick Rengger, University of St. Andrews; 11. Economics: William Cavanaugh (St Thomas University); C. Humanities; 12. European Literature: Robin Kirkpatrick and Vittorio Montemaggi, Cambridge University; 13. English Literature: Lucy Beckett, Ampleforth College; 14. History: Fernando Cervantes, Bristol University; 15. Classics: Richard Finn, Blackfriars, University of Oxford; 16. Music: John Harper, University of Wales, Bangor.
Features essays that show how various intellectual disciplines can learn from theology and philosophy in primarily methodological and substantive terms. This title focuses on the revitalisation of Christian culture through the reform of the University, and more widely with the revitalisation of religious culture through University education.
Editiert von: Mervyn Davies, Oliver D. Crisp, Gavin D'Costa
Dr Oliver D. Crisp is Reader in Theology at the University of Bristol, UK. He has authored Jonathan Edwards and the Metaphysics of Sin (Ashgate, 2005), Divinity and Humanity: Issues in the Incarnation (CUP, 2007), and co-edited Jonathan Edwards: Philosophical Theologian (Ashgate, 2003) with Paul Helm. Dr Gavin D'Costa is Professor of Catholic Theology, University of Bristol, England. Mervyn Davies is Scholar-in-Residence at Sarum College, Salisbury, and honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Bristol University. Peter Hampson is Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of the West of England, Bristol (UK), and Associate Tutor at Wesley College Bristol (UK).

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