The Tel Dan Inscription: A Reappraisal and a New Introduction

Journal for the Study of the O
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Chapter 1: Introduction 1; Introductory Remarks 1; Methodology 1; Chapter 2: Archaeological Context of the Fragments 4; Introductory Remarks 4; Fragment A 4; Fragment B1 9; Fragment B2 9; Synthesis of the Archaeological Data 10; Chapter 3: Epigraphical Analysis 11; Introductory Remarks 11; Fragment A: Physical Characteristics and the State of Preservation 11; Fragment A: Epigraphical Analysis 14; Fragment A: Assessment 50; Fragment B: Physical Characteristics and the State of Preservation 50; Epigraphical Analysis of Fragment B 53; Assessment of Fragment B 65; Chapter 4: Palaeographical Analysis 66; Introductory Remarks 66; Fragment A 68; Fragment B 101; Synthesis of the Script of Fragment A and the Script of Fragment B 124; Summary of Script Analysis 126; Chapter 5: Arrangement of the Fragments 134; Evaluation of the Original Arrangement by Biran & Naveh 134; A New Arrangement 144; Chapter 6: Textual Analysis 146; Introductory Remarks 146; The Text 147; Commentary on Fragment A 149; Commentary on Fragment B 176; Language of the Inscription 186; Grammatical Survey 187; Glossary of the Inscription 193; Chapter 7: Historical Commentary 196; Introductory Remarks 196; Historical Considerations 196; Bayt-Dawid and the Quest for King David 227; Cultic Implications 235; Chapter 8: Concluding Remarks 241; Bibliography 244.
The first book-length treatment of the most important, and controversial, inscription found in Israel in recent years. The inscription contains a possible mention of the name 'David' and is thought by many scholars to verify the existence of this king. Contains a full account of the discovery, epigraphic analysis, palaeographical analysis, possible arrangement of the three fragments discovered, textual analysis and historical commentary. It is more thorough in each of these treatments than any preceding discussion, and reviews all of the major theories about the inscription, with a well-considered conclusion.

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Autor: George Athas
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