Myth and History in the Bible

Journal for the Study of the O
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1. The Myths of the Origins of Israel; 2. Cain's impunity; 3. Abraham and Damascus; 4. Reuben's Incest and the Contested Primogeniture; 5. Moses and the Law; 6. Davidic Traditions; 7. The Calf of Bethel; 8. Ezra's Birth; 9. Birth and Death of a Messiah; 10. The End of Myth.
The Old Testament, and biblical scholarship itself, distinguishes between mythical and historical. This book argues that only historical thing in the Bible is the Bible itself, a superb product of Jewish thought. What is narrated in the Bible is only myth.
Autor: Giovanni Garbini
Giovanni Garbini is teacher of Semitic Philology at the University Di Roma "La Sapienza".

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Autor: Giovanni Garbini
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