Advanced Mathematical Mathods

Sources of History, Studies in
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Preface; Part I. Linear Algebra: 1. Vector spaces (revision); 2. Geometry in R; 3. Matrices; 4. Projections; 5. Spectral theory; 6. The upper triangular form; 7. The tri-diagonal form; 8. Inverses; 9. Convexity; 10. The separating hyperplane theorem; 11. Linear inequalities; 12. Linear programming and game theory; 13. The simplex method; 14. Partial derivatives (revision); 15. Convex functions; 16. Non-linear programming; Part II. Advanced Calculus: 1. The integration process; 2. Manipulation of integrals; 3. Multiple integrals; 4. Differential and difference equations (revision); 5. Laplace transforms; 6. Series solutions of differential equations; 7. Calculus of variations; Part III. Solutions to Selected Exercises; Index.
This text is a self-contained second course on mathematical methods dealing with topics in linear algebra and multivariate calculus that can be applied to statistics.

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