A History of Nerve Functions

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1. Introduction: Greek science and the recognition of nerves' function; 2. Galen's physiology of the nervous system; 3. Nerve, brain, and soul in the Middle Ages; 4. Renaissance and the New Physiology; 5. New physical and chemical models of nerve in the Enlightenment; 6. New systematizations of nerve function in the Enlightenment; 7. Electricity as the Agent of Nerve Action; 8. Nerve fiber form and transformation; 9. Wallerian degeneration: early and late phases; 10. Nerve regeneration; 11. Characterization of axoplasmic transport; 12. Molecular models of transport; 13. Actions of neurotoxins and neuropathic changes related to transport; 14. Purposeful reflexes and instinctive behavior; 15. Neural events related to learning and memory; 16. Epilogue; Bibliography.
Sidney Ochs begins his survey with a chronological look at the history of nerves from the fifth century B.C. to the early eighteenth century to demonstrate the development of our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of neuronal function. Ochs then adopts a thematic approach, considering key topics from the eighteenth century to the present. The volume will serve as an invaluable resource for historians of neuroscience and medicine, philosophers of science and medicine, and neuroscientists.

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Autor: Sidney Ochs
ISBN-13 :: 9780521247429
ISBN: 052124742X
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