Italy and the English Romantics: The Italianate Fashion in Early Nineteenth-Century England

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List of illustrations; Preface; Introduction; Part I. Travel and Language: 1. The English travellers in Italy; 2. The Italian exiles in England; 3. Study of the Italian language; Part II. Literature: The Interest in Italian Literature and its Influence in England: 4. Dante; 5. Italian romantic narrative poetry; 6. Italian lyric poetry; 7. The Italian novelle; 8. Italian drama and other works; Part III. The Arts and Landscape: 9. English interest in Italian painting, sculpture and architecture; 10. The classical antiquities; 11. The appeal of the Italian scene; 12. Italian opera in England; Part IV. History, Politics and Religion: 13. The romance of Italian history; 14. English reaction to political events in Italy; 15. The Catholic question; Conclusion; Appendices; Bibliography; Notes; Index.
In this 1957 book, Dr Brand traces the growth and decline of the social fashion which made Italy the goal of so many cultured Englishmen.

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Autor: C. P. Brand
ISBN-13 :: 9780521247290
ISBN: 0521247292
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