Religion and Politics in Muslim Society: Order and Conflict in Pakistan

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List of maps and figures; Preface; Abbreviations; Part I. Introduction: 1. Models and methods; 2. Waziristan: land, lineage, and culture; 3. History as an expression of agnatic rivalry; Part II. Observation: 4. Strategy and conflict in Waziristan; 5. Order; ideology, and morality in Waziristan; 6. Economic development and reinforcement of ideology in Waziristan; Part III. Participation: 7. The anthropologist as political agent; 8. The political agent as anthropologist; 9. Islam and segmentary societies: the problem of definition; Appendixes; Notes; References; Glossary; Index.
This analysis of Muslim unrest is based on an extended case study of northwestern Pakistan. Professor Ahmed examines power, authority, and religious status as the critical intermediary level of society: that of the district or Agency, which was the key unit of administration in British India. Amhed has joined his insights as anthropologist with his experience as a political agent in Waziristan to produce an innovative and detailed work. The book focuses on the emergence of a mullah in Waziristan who challenges the state. A religious leader's challenge of the state is not new; but contemporary Muslim society's widespread concern over these conflicts reveals that the influence of religion in a traditional society undergoing modernization is greater than many scholars have assumed. The author identifies three types of leaders: traditional leaders, usually elders; representatives of the established state authority; and religious functionaries. From this analysis he constructs an 'Islamic district paradigm, ' which he uses not only in making sense of contemporary Muslim society, but also in understanding some aspects of the legacy of the colonial encounter.

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Autor: Akbar S. Ahmed
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