The Cambridge Companion to American Fiction After 1945

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Introduction: a story of the stories of American fiction after 1945 John N. Duvall; Part I. Poetics and Genres: 1. Postmodern metafiction Amy Elias; 2. Contemporary realism Robert Rebein; 3. New journalism and the non-fiction novel Stacey Olster; 4. Science fiction Philip Wegner; 5. The short story Susan Lohafer; Part II. Historical and Cultural Contexts: 6. African American fiction Keith Byerman; 7. American Indian fiction Nancy J. Peterson; 8. Multiethnicities: Latino/a and Asian American fiction A. Robert Lee; 9. American Jewish fiction Victoria Aarons; 10. Feminist fiction Jane Elliot; 11. Southern fiction Martyn Bone; 12. Fiction and the Cold War Alan Nadel; 13. Fiction and 9/11 John N. Duvall; Part III. Major Authors: 14. Ralph Ellison Nicole Waligora-Davis; 15. Flannery O'Connor Jay Watson; 16. Thomas Pynchon Brian Jarvis; 17. Toni Morrison Linden Peach; 18. Don DeLillo Laura Barrett; Conclusion: whither American fiction? Jessica Pressman; Index.
A comprehensive 2011 guide to the genres, historical contexts, cultural diversity and major authors of American fiction since the Second World War.
Editiert von: John N. Duvall
John N. Duvall is the Margaret Church Distinguished Professor of English at Purdue University. He has published nine previous books on modernist and contemporary American fiction, most recently Race and White Identity in Southern Fiction (2008), The Cambridge Companion to Don DeLillo (2008) and Faulkner and his Critics (2010).

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