International Crime and Justice

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List of figures and tables; List of contributors; Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Part I. International Criminology: 1. The globalization of crime; 2. Routine activities and transnational crime; 3. Migration and crime; 4. Political violence: a criminological analysis; 5. Victimology: services and rights for victims of domestic and international crimes; 6. Children and international criminal justice; 7. Women and international criminal justice; 8. Culture and crime; Part II. Law, Punishment, and Crime Control Philosophies of the World: 9. Legal traditions; 10. Punishment philosophies and practices around the world; 11. Crossnational measures of punitiveness; 12. Prisons around the world; 13. Crime prevention in an international context; Part III: Transnational Crime: 14. Drug trafficking; 15. Understanding trafficking in human beings: a human rights, public health, and criminal justice issue; 16. International trafficking of stolen vehicles; 17. Transnational firearms trafficking: guns for crime and conflict; 18. Trafficking antiquities; 19. The illegal cigarette trade; 20. Cybercrime; 21. International fraud; 22. Money laundering; 23. Child pornography; 24. Maritime crime; 25. Transnational environmental crime; 26. The Bhopal gas disaster and corporate criminal negligence; 27. Endangered species markets: a focus for criminology?; 28. Corruption; 29. Tourist and visitor crime; Part IV. Organized Crime and Terrorism: 30. Transnational organized crime; 31. The rise of Balkan organized crime; 32. Russian organized crime; 33. The Italian Mafia; 34. Extortion and organized crime; 35. Organized crime in Asia; 36. Drug cartels: neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire; 37. The international implications of domestic terrorism in the United States; 38. Terrorism; Part V. International Crime: 39. Genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity; 40. History of genocide; 41. Apartheid: a crime against humanity; 42. War crimes; 43. The crime of aggression; Part VI. Delivering International Justice: 44. The role of the United Nations; 45. Treaties and international law; 46. International criminal tribunals and hybrid courts; 47. The International Criminal Court; 48. The ICC and the Darfur investigation: progress and challenges; 49. Victims' rights in the International Criminal Court (ICC); 50. Nongovernmental organizations and international criminal justice; 51. Global and regional human rights commissions; 52. The truth and reconciliation commission in South Africa; 53. The Guatemalan Truth Commission: genocide through the lens of transitional justice; Part VII. International Cooperation and Criminal Justice: 54. World policing models; 55. Crossborder policing; 56. Challenge and transition: policing developments in the European criminal justice system; 57. The European Union and judicial cooperation; 58. The longer arm of the law: the growth and limits of international law enforcement and criminal justice cooperation; 59. International cooperation to combat money laundering; Part VIII. International Research and Crime Statistics: 60. The US Uniform Crime Reports and the National Crime Victimization Survey; 61. Highlights of the International Crime Victims Survey; 62. Crossnational comparisons based on official statistics of crime; 63. The International Self-Report Delinquency Study (ISRD); 64. Criminology, method, and qualitative comparative analysis; Part IX. International Research Resources: 65. International criminal justice: printed and electronic media, journals, and professional associations; 66. World Criminal Justice Library Network; World map; Index.
This book examines the field of global international crime and justice, providing an introduction to the nature of international and transnational crimes.
Editiert von: Mangai Natarajan
Mangai Natarajan is Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York. A policy-oriented researcher, she has published widely in four areas: drug trafficking, women police, domestic violence and international criminal justice. She is the founding director of the international criminal justice major at John Jay College.

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