Thomas Betterton: The Greatest Actor of the Restoration Stage

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Introduction; 1. Look my lord, it comes: Betterton's Hamlet; 2. An obstinately shadowy Titan: Betterton in biography; 3. An actor of London: early years, 1635-1659; 4. A walk in the park: Betterton and the scene of comedy; 5. In the Duke's Company, 1660-1663; 6. Equal with the highest: Thomas Betterton and Henry Harris, 1663-1668; 7. Actor management: running the Duke's Company; 8. In the company of the Duke: Betterton and Catholic politics in the 1670s; 9. Union: Betterton and theatrical monopoly, 1682-1695; 10. Back to the future: breakaway to semi-retirement; 11. Books and pictures: Betterton and the Chandos portrait; Bibliography.
The first biography for more than 100 years of the greatest English actor between Burbage and Garrick, Thomas Betterton.
Autor: David Roberts
David Roberts is Professor and Head of English at Birmingham City University. His previous publications include The Ladies: Female Patronage of Restoration Drama (1989) and editions of Defoe's Colonel Jack, A Journal of the Plague Year and Lord Chesterfield's Letters. His articles and reviews have appeared in leading journals including Shakespeare Quarterly, The Review of English Studies, ELH, The Times Literary Supplement and New Theatre Quarterly.

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Autor: David Roberts
ISBN-13 :: 9780521195843
ISBN: 0521195845
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