Analyzing Sound Patterns: An Introduction to Phonology

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics
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Introduction; Part I. Distribution: 1. Patterns of sounds: vowel co-occurrence in Kikuyu; 2. The distribution of English nasals; 3. Luganda liquids and the analysis of complementary distribution; 4. Contrast and complementarity: multiple complementation in Thai; Part II. Alternation: 5. Alternation and the case of English nasals; 6. Tibetan numerals and underlying representation; 7. Tonkawa stem alternation; 8. Yawelmani and interacting processes; Part III. Syllable: 9. The distribution of syllable in Ponapean; 10. Syllable and vowel epenthesis in Ponapean; 11. Ponapean syllable and vowel epenthesis; an optimal-theoretic analysis; 12. Syllable and segmental processes in Diola-Fogny; Part IV. Tone: 13. Tonal distribution in Mende and autosegmental representation; 14. Tonal alternation in Mende; 15. Yoruba tone asymmetry and derivational accounts of asymmetry; 16. Yoruba tone asymmetry and optimality theory; Part V. Stress: 17. Pintupi, Wargamay and Choctaw stress and metrical theory; 18. Pintupi, Wargamay and Choctaw stress and optimality theory; 19. To stress or not to stress: stress-epenthesis interactions in Yimas; Part VI. Prosodic Morphology: 20. Templatic morphology and Arabic broken plurals; 21. The emergence of the unmarked and Swati verb reduplication; 22. Prosodic misalignment: LuGanda glide epenthesis.and Swati reduplication; Appendix A. Sample instructions for the reading response assignment; Appendix B. Sample instructions for a problem: vowel co-occurrence in Kikuyu bi-syllabic roots and root-suffix forms; Index of constraints and rules; Language index; Subject Index.
This textbook shows students how to analyze phonological problems with a focus on practical tools, methodology and step-by-step instructions.

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