Pseudo-reductive Groups

17, New Mathematical Monographs
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Introduction; Terminology, conventions, and notation; Part I. Constructions, Examples, and Structure Theory: 1. Overview of pseudo-reductivity; 2. Root groups and root systems; 3. Basic structure theory; Part II. Standard Presentations and Their Applications: 4. Variation of (G', k'/k, T', C); 5. Universality of the standard construction; 6. Classification results; Part III. General Classification and Applications: 7. General classification and applications; 8. Preparations for classification in characteristics 2 and 3; 9. The absolutely pseudo-simple case in characteristic 2; 10. General case; 11. Applications; Part IV. Appendices: A. Background in linear algebraic groups; B. Tits' work on unipotent groups in nonzero characteristic; C. Rational conjugacy in connected groups; References; Index.
A comprehensive treatment of the theory. Includes numerous new results and a complete classification.
Autor: Brian Conrad, Ofer Gabber, Gopal Prasad
Brian Conrad is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Stanford University. Ofer Gabber is Professor of Mathematics at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (IHES), France. Gopal Prasad is Raoul Bott Professor of Mathematics at the University of Michigan.

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Autor: Brian Conrad
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