Exploring Language in a Multilingual Context: Variation, Interaction and Ideology in Language Documentation

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1. Introduction; 2. The political, social and linguistic contexts of French Guiana; 3. The Maroons: historical and anthropological notes; 4. What's in the name Takitaki? Investigating linguistic ideologies; 5. The social profiles of some Takitaki speakers: the data for this study; 6. Towards the linguistic structure of Takitaki: an analysis of Takitaki practices; 7. Communicating in Takitaki: Maroons and non-Maroons in interaction; 8. Linguistic practices among urban Maroons; 9. On Takitaki and its insights.
Proposes a new methodological approach to documenting languages spoken in multilingual societies.
Autor: Bettina Migge, Isabelle Leglise
Bettina Migge is Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at University College Dublin. Isabelle Leglise is a permanent Researcher in Linguistics at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS, Paris) where she heads a programme on Language Contact at the SeDyL/CELIA-CNRS (Structure et Dynamique des Langues/Centre d'Etudes des Langues Indigenes d'Amerique). Since 2000, she has been engaged in research projects in French Guiana, and more recently, in Suriname and Brazil, with a special focus on multilingualism, contact-induced changes, language and migration, and educational issues. Her main research interests are language contact, language variation and change, discourse analysis, sociology of language and applied linguistics.

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Autor: Bettina Migge
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