The Cambridge Introduction to Emmanuel Levinas

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Introduction; 1. Responding to atrocity in the twentieth century; 2. How to read Levinas: normativity and transcendental philosophy; 3. The ethical content of the face-to-face; 4. Philosophy, totality, and the everyday; 5. Subjectivity and the self: passivity and freedom; 6. God, philosophy, and the ground of the ethical; 7. Time, history, and messianism; 8. Greek and Hebrew; Conclusions, puzzles, problems; Annotated reading list and bibliography.
A clear overview of the philosophical thinking of Emmanuel Levinas, one of the most significant philosophers of the twentieth century.
Autor: Michael L. Morgan
Michael L. Morgan is Chancellor's Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Studies, Emeritus, at Indiana University, Bloomington. He is the author of numerous books, most recently Discovering Levinas (Cambridge University Press, 2007) and Beyond Auschwitz (2002), which was a finalist in the category of Jewish Thought for the Koret Book Award. He has also edited several collections of essays and editions of Spinoza's writings and his articles have appeared in journals including the Review of Metaphysics, the Journal of Religion and the Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy.

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Autor: Michael L. Morgan
ISBN-13 :: 9780521193023
ISBN: 0521193028
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