Personality and the Foundations of Political Behavior

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1. Personality and politics; 2. The Big Five approach; 3. Measuring the Big Five; 4. Personality and political information; 5. Personality, attitudes, and political predispositions; 6. Personality and political participation; 7. The multiple bases of political behavior.
The first study in more than 30 years to investigate the broad significance of personality traits for mass political behavior.
Autor: Jeffery J. Mondak
Jeffery J. Mondak is James M. Benson Chair in Public Issues and Civic Leadership in the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is the author of Nothing to Read: Newspapers and Elections in a Social Experiment (1995) and co-editor of Fault Lines: Why the Republicans Lost Congress (2009). Professor Mondak's articles appear in outlets including the American Journal of Political Science, the British Journal of Political Science, Cognitive Brain Research, the Journal of Politics and Public Opinion Quarterly. He has received awards for his research from the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the American Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association.

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Autor: Jeffery J. Mondak
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